Product Landing Page -- Feedback

This took way longer than expected to complete :sweat_smile: but now i can finally say that i know a thing or two about flexbox. Please check it out and feedback is always helpful you please leave one.


Hello! I think this looks really good!! So definitely was worth the time you spent learning flexbox (something that sure is taking me forever to master). I like a lot of things about this (good design, I like your color choice, I think overall it looks like a real/pro website, buttons for apple varieties look great, everything works, responsive design is good)! I will give you some small comments, but they are nitpicks only. I think the text under “our service” and bullet items could be a little bit smaller - the font is pretty big, especially when you get to smaller screen sizes. You might want to experiment with minimizing the content there for mobile sizes. For larger sizes, you may want to have those icons to the side and the text to the right of them so they look more like bullet points if that makes sense. It’s very nice though - good job!

Thank you @anne.thor :innocent: yes i too thought the font-size was a bit large for the Our Service section but then it was already 4 A.M or something got too lazy to make any changes :sweat_smile: . I’ll make some changes now thank you for your feedback. :blush:

Great job with the project!

I was up till 2am this morning working on the design for my personal project even though I had work in the morning. So you are not alone :smile:

Happy coding!

Thank you @jwilkins.oboe :innocent: for your feedback and also for the reminder that we are all in this together :smile:

Your page and code look good @mdshariq. Nice job!

Thank You @Roma :blush:

It looks AMAZING !!!. You did a great job, i really like that minimalistic look, and the way you distribute blank space. Keep up like this and you’ll be a pro in no time.

This is excellent. :open_mouth:

Wow, your project is so cool! The design is fantastic , minimalist and I like the cards below the “Varieties” section. Good job & I know that you spent a lot of time for this.

Agree with the others. Site looks really clean and professional and is responsive!

Thank you everyone for your kind words :hugs:

That’s a really great design! My eyes are happy :smiley:

This looks really good!! Nicely done! I just have one question.
How did you make the logo? Any website or program?

@jaebungs Thank you :innocent: and the apple icon is from but not the text i just downloaded the font that i liked and used Corel Draw to add the title of my Imaginary Company next to the apple icon and added those little yellow stars or whatever that shape is called on the apple and exported it as png with transparent background.

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Thank you! I’ll try that way. I uploaded to google drive, but the image looks weird when I change its ratio.