Feedback for Product Landing Page :)

I spent about 6 hours for this project. As you can see, I copied the look of FCC’s example product landing page, but I didn’t copy the code. I just used their page to look at design, and to try to make it myself.
While working with this project, I learned a lot about flexbox and it is very useful :slight_smile:
Page works very bad on mobile devices, so if you have any tips for that, please leave a comment :slight_smile: Thank you ! :smiley:


Great job on the desktop version! To make the mobile version count, I’d recommend using a library, especially in the case of getting started learning how to layout for mobile-first. There’s the one I know you already have seen through the coursework:

Another one, which I’m slowly but surely overhauling my portfolio based on, is an extension of the Bootstrap library called:

It’s nearly the same as Boostrap but adds the design philosophies of Material Design, so it should be really easy to use after going through the responsive courses here.

And finally, because there are some animation bugs with MDBootstrap that I just found out existed today, I’ll also recommend this library:

It’s a lightweight CSS only library that functions very similarly to Bootstrap (minus the JS plugins of course).


Thank you :smiley: I’ll definitely try it :ok_hand:

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