Product Landing page - review would be great. first time "Mobile First Approach"

It was my submission for the 3rd project in FCC responsive section. It took me the whole day to make it happen. I coded the whole web page keeping it as mobile first approach .As i am just a beginner in responsive design . So review would be great. :slight_smile:

Here is my pen :

Very nice! Your page does work well on both mobile and large screen and looks good too.

The only thing I saw that might need a small fix is the video player got squeezed out smaller screensScreenshot%20from%202018-04-29%2009-47-15

Also, look at the order you load scripts. Bootstrap needs jquery so jquery needs to load first. One error was noted in console but I’m not sure if that actually broke anything on your page.

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thanks for the review. I also noticed that bug .I’ll surely fix it asap :slight_smile: