Finally finished Product Landing page - Feedback Appreciated!

I had so much trouble with this project and it took me 3 months…a lot of headaches and a lot of time off from coding because it was so frustrating. But here I am! I did it. Though I know it’s not perfect.

I would love advice on areas where I can make it better. I also think it’s not that aesthetically pleasing.

Thanks everyone! I always can count on FCC forum to give excellent advice!

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Commenting because I think this got buried.

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The layout needs to be responsive and not overflow on smaller screen sizes. I would look at layout-specific solutions using Flexbox and Grid. Even when you take the time to learn all the individual parts of flexbox/grid it can be hard to come up with good layout solutions just from that knowledge.

Using Flexbox, Grid, and some math functions, you can almost avoid media queries altogether, but in the end, you usually end up using a few media queries anyway. It is fairly unlikely you can make your page work at all screen sizes without using one or two media queries.

One option is to start with the simple stacked layout first. The “mobile” layout won’t be an afterthought if you start with it.

Some of your color contrasts are not very accessible. The hover color on the nav links, and the footer, in particular.

You shouldn’t rely on placeholder text for your form elements.

Design is difficult, it is a separate discipline from coding and takes time to learn.

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