Product Landing Page Project Finished

I finished my product landing page project and i would like to know what you guys think? any comments, opinions and suggestions are welcome :grin:

Hey there,

nice to see you again!

My ideas:

  • all tests pass, awesome!

  • you can get a code validation:

    • HTML: paste your codepen HTML code into the body
    • CSS: paste your whole CSS code
    • you will see some small errors, thatโ€™s totally normal and I think you are able to fix them! :+1:
  • when I decrease the width of my browser, the nav bar overlaps with the site content:

  • the card components are not very consistent; when you have a look at the red boxes, you can see overlapping boxes; this is a great opportunity to learn some more flexbox or grid, e.g. think about which parts of the card should be the same height and which not:

  • if you want to step up your general layout and design skills, I can recommend this article

Keep up the good work! :slightly_smiling_face:

Looking forward to seeing your next steps.

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Thank you so much, iโ€™ll check these things out :grin: