WebHosting Product Landing Page

Hi guys, pls tell me what you think about the design of my product landing page,
which I built using css flex and media quary all together.
And please don’t mind my text.

Looks nice, well done.

  1. I would give the nav links a hover color, maybe the red accent color you are using.
#nav-bar ul li:hover a {
  color: #f54029;
  1. I’d like to see the nav be right aligned in the header when you stack the links.

  2. I would give the Features section some left/right padding or margin to make sure on small screens it doesn’t end up at the edge of the screen.

  3. I would move the breakpoint for the Pricing section row up, so it stacks right before the price cards start to touch.

  4. The proportion of the submit buttons in relation to the price cards and their content is a tad large I think.

All in all, I’d say you did very well. Good job.

Thanks for the feedback, you’re great!