Feedback for product landing page - Steve

Hi everyone

Appreciate any feedback on my landing page. I went with flex not grid on this one

thank you

It looks great!
Good job.
When I click on “features”, almost half of the information is hidden from your Nav bar.

Good job once again.

thank you - great pickup

I’ve fixed it by adding a hidden anchor class with a negative offset to allow for the navbar:grinning::grinning:

This looks good to me!

You might want to add some more padding to your nav-bar links and footer. Pricing and the copyright info are right on the edge of the page for me.

thank you again!

I’ve added padding and margin. How does it look now?

Hi, This looks very good.

I would just change out the Lorem ipsum to actual info in the pricing.
What are the differences, and what is good about each one?

thank you very much for the feedback!:grinning:

I’ve replaced the Lorem ipsum text with better words

Yes! This is an awesome landing page!

Great job.

thank you :grinning: