*Finally* finished the Product landing Page - would love feedback

Tried to be a little more ambitious for my product landing page so it took a little longer than normal. Particularly:

  1. incorporating a responsive nav bar following this tutorial video by Kevin powell
  2. editing custom icons to fit within the color scheme

Pretty happy with how it looks but as it’s a bit more ambitious I imagine it is also chock full of errors and possible improvements, so would really appreciate any critical feedback to help me improve!


I like it. It looks great, good job.
Make sure that the navigation links land correctly on the sections. @lasjorg
gave me the tip to look in JUMP LINKS. Have a look there

Not bad, I think. You’ve done well.

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Nice job @cjcon90. Follow the advice given by digituar

Great, I have the nav links landing in the right spot now, thanks Digituar!

(they’re still landing underneath the collapsible nav menu in mobile view, but I will come back and adjust that once I get into bootstrap and/or JavaScript and can have them auto-collapse after clicking a link! One step at a time :yum:)

Thanks for feedback and help!

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