Product Landing Page - Badly in need of Feedback!

Hey y’all.

I made the product landing page here:

I seem to be picking things up here and there but my main area to work on is defiantly layouts! For some reason I just haven’t completely picked it up. For example would love to be able to use flexbox probably and put my two picture links side by side rather than one on top the other.

Aligning things to the center is all I got right now…

Thanks in advance for any feedback.

Here’s something to look at

By the way your navbar doesn’t do anything other than use your css for when it’s selected. If it’s suppose to scroll down to those sections it doesn’t work on mobile.

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Cool! Your product landing page is coming along nicely. Cool music too. I second the above link above. It covers the basics.

There are some specific spots that I think could be address, but obviously this is my personal taste, and therefore should be taken with a grain of salt.

From the top down:
I think the nav bar could use some padding.

Your Venus Rising fonts is not working, as in, it isn’t getting applied for me on the links in the navbar. This could be because I am using Mozilla Firefox.

The jumbotron/ header/ hero image as some padding or margin at the top that shows through between it and the navbar.

I think the youtube video should be fixed width.

the text for you bandcamp and soundcloud links are hard to read because the color value is too similar to the background.

The shadows on your bandcamp and soundclound links “clash”. This tool from google could help:

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