Product landing page - all feedback is welcome

I’ve just finished my version of Product landing. Please check My project and let me know what you think.


@NULL_dev - just letting you know about my new project as promised.


Looks good. Just the menu bar is too big for my taste. There’s also some x-axis scrolling on mobile that I couldn’t find out where it’s coming from…

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You’re right it’s too big, I’ll take care of it. thank you for feedback

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Hello Merek,

Just checked you new work, and yes you work very good ‘n’ fast!

I think you are the right one for UI/UX, take it serious comrade.

Your work look good, but I think(my opinion) it’s so dark. But please don’t take it as an issue, becasue I don’t like dark themes, works, etc…

About the layout, I think the top navigation is a little big!, and in mobile it looks broken check:
I suggest go for a hamburger like menu for mobile. It needs some small JS.

Also I think the font-size of top navigation is a little small!

Your page is about 3.3MB! I think it’s too much! For instance the image resource called concert is around 475KB, and also so big in size (1920x1280)!
or another one(this one is bad) as music-play-spinning-21148.jpg is around 1MB and bigger(5k x 3k)!!

Layout is responsive in heart! But two small boi could broke your layout, the two small icon at the left and right video, please check:

Some contents are small , such as platform section, check:
Same about the footer.

Add some left and right padding for the two text fields please.

i also suggest you give a transparent white color to top boxed text at welcome section(“Discover the …”), my suggestion:

The background you used for background(as fixed scroll, the music spin image) is repeated when screen is small, I think you supposed it should be not repeated and as covered? check:
Note: I removed the text to see the repeated background better.

Meta stuff: If it’s possible, implement SSL for your site, use Let’s Encrypt which is easy and free. But remember to implement it correct! Since certs are expired every 3 months, so a renewal script keep them live.

I believe you will be one mean great UI/UX dev, if you ask me I suggest you keep ultimate level of front-end first, then sneak around for some back-end could help too of course, but keep the UI/UX at high priority.

Keep going on great work, happy programming.


Thank you @NULL_dev for pointing me all mistakes and sharing your knowledge, I really appreciate each tip.
I’ll probably fix them tomorrow or late night today.

Thanks also for good words about my work, this is great motivation and brings strength to work harder.

I’ll let you know after project update

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Looks like I’ve finished all your points yeeeeeeey,

please check this LINK and make an opinion.
I found on youtube how to create hamburger menu with only css, so I used this method.

Once again thanks for all tips and good words about my job, I hope in about half year I’ll be ready to start looking for some entry position offers :wink:

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Very good progress comrade,

Humberger like using CSS is kind of tricky! so cool, but remember it’s limited! But you may try to make it open as animation maybe.

menu is located center of top navigation when menu is hidden, but when it’s in open state, it goes at the left. I think you’d better fix it, check:
Also when it’s opened, top navigation goes taller, this better be fixed height.

Th issue about broken layout, is fixed for small devices, but still living there for some screens. Seems the trigger you added to hide them out is fired for very small screen, fix it. check:
It causes scroll, fix it.


Some weird move I see you host the platforms text with a h3 tag!? please go for p. H1,…H6 tags are good for headers, but not good for text data. SEO stuffs.

I found this update very good comrade. keep going on great work, great progress.

Happy coding.


I’ve updated these points, just can’t figure out animation for opening but i think I’ll skip that for now and I’ll use JS for next projects.

p. s.
Could you please give me a hint what type of browser should I use for testing? I’m using Chrome for now, but I found out in this project my browser didn’t show some mistakes, especially with broken layout. I’ve installed Firefox to compare and I see differences between them. Does that mean I have to check both at this same time?


Sort of pal. Well you are so lucky you started coding for web with this modern era. And I would say FF, Safari and Chrome kind of result over 90% same results same time (Fact0: chrome is based on webkit which is an apple thing, it’s safari. Fact1: Opera is based on Chrome).

I think the mobile view of FF is more accurate, but hopefully update rate of these browsers are very good.

For now I suggest target coding for FF and Chrome could be good. If you try not take stuffs and solutions are not common with every browsers and tend to work more generic, you won’t have any issue I believe.


I remember when I start coding html, there was one firefox V2, and 3 with very low market share, and the pure evil IE6, and IE7.

Keep it up comrade, no rush, be patient mate. Happy coding.

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Great advice!
Yeah I heard couple times on youtube about legendary IE. No doubt nowadays is a lot easier also with amount of materials to learn from or huge community, however I wish I started much earlier.

Well, thank you Boss and till next time!

I can’t see the page title. for example the “Platforms” title doesn’t appear when clicked. I suggest adding padding to the anchor links.

Support! Looks good!