Please help me on this

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// Example
var ourStr = "I come first. " + "I come second.";

// Only change code below this line

var myStr="This is the start." + "This is the end."

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Hi @somen18, check the strings you are using. They are not 100% the same ones requested by the challange (one character is missing) :slight_smile:

For the next posts, please provide a subject that is more related to the problem. Something like “help me” is too general.

I have checked the string.

Have you found the missing character?

Hi @somen18 to check/verify the output of your code, you can log it, try console.log() and put the variable you’re using inside the parenthesis to print out the output. Logging is one of the best way to debug your code :slight_smile: Hope it helps, not only on this challenge but in the future challenges as well. Happy Coding!

No.I have tried hard but couldn’t find a solution.

when you write this, myStr has value of This is the start.This is the end.
you should make it of value This is the start. This is the end.

Do you see the difference? Once you see what you are missing it is easier to figure out what to change

This is the first string you are plugging in: "This is the start."
This is the one requested by the challenge: "This is the start. "