Please help with .fromCharCode

Hi all,

I have been stuck on this exercise.

I don’t understand the ‘fromCharCodes’ at all.

Can someone please explain.

Please post the code you have tried. (The actual code, not a screenshot of the starting code!)

I don’t understand any solution as they all use some form of charCode

Please show the code you wrote. And please don’t post a screenshot.

I didn’t write anything because I don’t know where to start.

Ok, let’s start with ignoring the answers and understanding the question. You don’t need any charCodeAt, so trying to look up the answer is just confusing you.

Can you summarize, in your own words, what is supposed to happen in this challenge?

it wants me to find the missing letter in the alphabet so if the console.log(fearNotLog(“abce”) was to run the outcome should be “d”.

if the input is apart of the alphabet and the full thing then it should return “undefined”

Ok. How you you do this by hand if someone gave you a list of letters on a piece of paper. Explain it like you were telling a kid in elementary school what to do.

I have completed the challenge after struggling.

Thanks Jeremy for trying to help me, I appreciate your effort.

I am on this section of the Javascript course called ‘Intemediate Algorithm Scripting’ and I see myself getting really stuck. Do you know anything else I can practise more on to become better at these?

The best thing is to ask questions when you get stuck and don’t look at the solutions until you have a working solution you wrote yourself.

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