Please I am having problem with this topic. Declare a read only variable with the const keyword

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var fCC = "freeCodeCamp"; // Change this line
var fact = "is cool!"; // Change this line
fact = "is awesome!";
console.log(fCC, fact); // Change this line

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Challenge: Declare a Read-Only Variable with the const Keyword

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What problem are you having? What code have you tried?

Read the exercise carefully, learn the difference between const and let, and pay attention to the note especially! var is the old way to declare variables.

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I have tried using the below code:

let fact = "it's cool !";
fact = " it's awesome!";
console.log ( FCC, fact);

const is lower cased, and changing the message"freeCodeCamp" all upper case doesnt change passing the test.

It keeps telling me FCC should be declared with const which I think I have done already

you did, but you capitalized the c.

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In addition to the capital C in const, you added a space in that string, you’ve capitalized the string (you were only supposed to change variable name, not the contents of the string) and you changed the two other strings - you were not supposed to touch those.

I’ve gotten it done sir .

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