Please, I need help. I am unable to type in any code on the exercise page

Hi everyone, please I need your help. I am unable to do my exercises because when I try to type a code on the space provided, It doesn’t work. I don’t know what could be the problem.

I am taking the Data Analysis with Python certification course.

The Python course doesn’t have an editor - where are you trying to write?

ilenia, I am trying to write on the space that I am supposed to put in my code on the exercise page. Or am I supposed to use a working environment like IDLE or Jupyter Notebook that’s already installed on my PC for the exercises?

what challenge are you on?

Thank you, Ilenia for your help.

When you open the “Data Analysis with Python” course, I am in the second module that says “Data Analysis Example A”. I am trying to do the Exercises under it before moving to the next module.

But I can’t seem to enter and run the codes in the spaces provided.

Are you in google colab?

No, I am not. I have now seen the steps provided on how to open Notebooks in Google Colab. I will follow it through.

I guess that’s where I will be able to write and run the code from my exercises.

where are you trying to write? if you are in github, that is not interactive

Okay, Ilenia. Thank you.

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