Please! need help with my Registration form project. I'M STUCK! :(

I’m not being able to pass this level! Some one please tell me where I’m wrong.I have linked the text with a href . it seems to be working too. but i cant submit the code. :frowning: It says i need to add an <a> element,

Do you have a link?

Please don’t post pictures of code - cut and paste code.

Without a link, my first inclination is that you have “terms and conditions” twice, once on the label and once on the link. I also might want that link inside the label. And it might not like the space at the start of the link.

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Thank you so much! IT WORKED! I had to place the link inside the label :sweat_smile:
Also sorry for the screenshot. Its my first time on this forum :confused:

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We’ve all been there…

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