Please review my Google page

Here is my google page . Please look at it once.

please suggest where I’m going wrong or any improvement I can do .
Please …

pretty good but you can do even better:

  • responsiveness on mobile can totally be improved: there is a lot of scrollable space to the right, and the languages buttons get cut off
  • you have a syntax error in your CSS, an extra }
  • in codepen you put whatever goes in the body element in the html box, the body and html tags are added in the background - if you want to exercise about building all the page including those tags you can use something like where there is no backbone structure ready made

Hi ! First of all thank you very much for reviewing . I will make it compatible for mobile .
I want to ask something …

How can I make the search bar in cylinderic shape just like the original search bar in google website .
Have a look at it :

Thanks again :slight_smile: