Technical Documentation - HTML

Hi everyone!

I don’t really know if there might be some issues with this project, I think it was a simple one and definitely the fastest. It was a little bit boring cause there was only a plain text, but I tried to do it with style :laughing: So if you have some feedback for me please let me know. Thank you!

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@dieplumpe Great job on another project! You are really good at this. One thing I noticed was when I scrolled into mobile view that I couldn’t use the navbar. Another thing. I might have been using it wrong but the search feature, idk what to do there. It was passing all tests and was responsive besides the navbar. Happy coding and great job on another project! :smile:

@landon.h.lloyd Thank you! I’m trying really hard.
The search feature was just a mock feature cause I don’t have enough knowledge on how to make it work yet.
And about navbar: in the user stories, they said that it should be on the left on laptop and tablet but on mobile, it was really ugly on the left. And cause I didn’t know what to do with it on mobile version I just disabled it. If you have any ideas about how to make it work on mobile from the top and only with CSS, please let me know. All that I found was with the use of JScript or Bootstrap (I didn’t learn them yet)

@landon.h.lloyd I actually found how to change the sidebar to the hamburger menu on mobile, now it’s responsive. It’s not ideal but I think it works.
I made the search working too, it should find things in Google Search, but CodePen doesn’t let you go to google actually, but you can see that it’s working!
Thank you for your comment. It made me research things to do my work better :hugs:

Hey @dieplumpe
I like the design and font style.
Good job on this project.
Hope you will compete for the next project (Personal Portfolio) soon!

Thanks and happy coding :slight_smile:

Thank you! Yes I already started, html is ready and all the test passed but now the design begins and it just gets its toll on me cause I’m not a designer at all but at the same time I want my page to look lovely :slight_smile:

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Nice job on your page @dieplumpe.

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Nice page, love the design. it looks simple and very catchy @dieplumpe

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Looks nice.

  • Give the nav a white background color so you can’t see the transparency when the page is stacked. I’d also suggest using a fixed top/left offset for the menu (the label) so its position doesn’t change with the height/width of the parent element (which it will when using percentages). Last I would give the label cursor: pointer.

  • I think the contrast for the body font is fairly low because the font is a bit wispy. One option would be to increase the font-size and/or font-weight, both would help increase legibility.

  • I would give the nav on the desktop layout a max-width just to constrain its growth a bit on larger screens.

Great job, keep it up!