My Technical Doc. Some Feedback Folks

Hello everyone,

Kindly help me with some feedback. The page is not yet 100% complete. Just a few torches here and there are still missing especially on the responsiveness. I am working on it. Here is the link for my project.


Hey looks pretty good!

I noticed that your code blocks aren’t properly formatted.

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Looks clean mate :slight_smile:
As you said, the navbar miss the responsiveness but it’s looks really good overall.

Maybe the “HOME” link in the nav shouldn’t be one also.

wow this is extremely well made. The nav bar looks amazing and your use of color makes this page look even better. There is a small problem with the media query screenshot, but it doesnt look like something you cant fix.
There are some miscellaneous errors in your html, you should run it through a html validator

Hi @shimphillip

Thank you for the feedback. For code blocks, I have tried formatting them but I am still failing… Any help rendered will be of help please…

Thank you @Soit. So should I separate the home and the nav ?

Thank you @SALTx for the feedback. For the media queries, I am still working on it dear. Probably by tomorrow it will be okay. Any help about formatting code blocks ? Sincerely it is disturbing me a lot…

@bmutebi you can use an html beautifier, there are many online such as this
good luck :+1:

Thank you so much @SALTx. Let me try it ASAP…

Thank you dear @SALTx. Though it didn’t solve the bug…

sorry, what was the bug ?

the tech-doc page is very good, but maybe add a little more background, like a light gradient or a few images.
(make sure the text is easily visible)
anything else to say about it is that it is awesome!!

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Thank you so much @ConnerOw1115 for the feedback. I am going to work on it ASAP…

Welcome. Always ready to help!!