Technical page feedback request


Any feedback of my technical page project will be appreciated :slight_smile:
** I have finally changed the colors and I think I like more but it can still be improved. Link:


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It looks really great, just a couple things I would mention:
In my opinion, the menu text could be a bit bigger, ResponsiVe has a capital V for some reason.
Might be my personal preference, but the fonts on menu and content don’t really mesh well. The Background grey color doesn’t really match the rest of content.

Its great, but please put things in your own words if you do cite it.

You need to change the Nav bar sooner. I can go all the way down to this before it starts put it on top.


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Helpful tools–>

  1. On top you have “responsible”. You probably mean “responsive”?
  2. On mobile sized screen, the navbar moves to the top but does not stick there. The point of a navbar is that you’re able to use it throughout you’re time on the site, making life easier by jumping to different sections. No point in having one if it disappears on one click :slight_smile: I know the example FCC does the same, but not really good practice.

Hi Michael, at the end of the document I have writen that all the content is from W3School, I’m trying to learn HTML and CSS, not to learn how to write technical pages :stuck_out_tongue:

I have not understood the second comment… I think it’s because my english is not good enought, can you explain it please??

Thanks for the feedback!!

Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile: I understand, but I think that making a pull-down navbar (the only good option for me if you want to have a navbar fixed in a little screen) is too much time in pure css, so I will wait to know javascript. Thanks for the ideas!

Thanks zakaos, I will try to improve it when I have time!

Sounds good, man. Or just clear the top and shrink everything to have a sticky nav bar, etc. I’m sure you had enough for now :stuck_out_tongue:

But just copy and pasting some one else’s work is seen as unprofessional. If you really know enough about your topic you should be able to put it in your own words. You can even write it in another language.

In the picture, i can shrink the web page down until the Navigation bar takes up thirty-three percent of the page before it sent to the top. I feel as if it needs to change sooner.

Hi Michael,

I don’t want to know about the topic, and I don’t mind the content, it’s all about learning css and html for me, so the fastest way is using a random text. I’m working so I can’t spend a lot of time in the course, so I look for the most effective way, but thanks for your recomendations.

If you are talking about the big image, the page is comparing the width: 100% and max-width:100% property, so It was my objective to have a very big image so that the user can see the benefits of using max-width, but I think you are right and the image is too big.

Thanks for your time!

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