Please tell me why this is returning false

 var str = "-1 (757) 622-7382";
 console.log((isNaN(str.substring(1,0) && str.substring(1,0) != "(")));
// The console.log above returns false while the two seperate statements below return true and I have no idea why :(
  console.log(str.substring(1,0) != "(")

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Check your parentheses.

You have this:

console.log((isNaN(str.substring(1,0) && str.substring(1,0) != "(")));

Should be:

console.log(isNaN(str.substring(1,0)) && str.substring(1,0) != "(");


console.log((isNaN(str.substring(1,0)) && str.substring(1,0) != "("));
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Thank you so much I was stuck on it for ages

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