PLZ HELP -- Technical Documentation Page very challenging

On the Technical Documentation Page challenge, I keep getting errors for user stories 3 and 4.

Maybe I’m misunderstanding the assignment or have a typo that I can’t spot? (I’ve been looking for hours. Plz help!)

Any help with fresh eyes would be most appreciated! Thanks.

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Challenge: Build a Technical Documentation Page

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Hey there,

You’ve got a couple of HTML errors that are breaking the flow of your document, which is causing the tests to fail.

On line 157:

        <li><a href="">Jay Cruz on<a></li>

On line 125:

      <p><code>const formElem = document.querySelector('form');</p></code>

Try to spot the errors in these lines - there’s one in each. When I fixed them locally, the tests passed.

Oh you’re my hero! Thank you so much!

It passes the tests for me now too! YAY!

Glad I could help! I’m going to provide you the tools I used to debug this:

First, I recommend using the “Oceanic Dark” theme in CodePen. Unlike most of the other themes, this one will offer error highlighting.

Second, you can run your HTML through this validator - you’ll see quite a few warnings, but I scrolled through until I found the missing tag errors. :slight_smile:


Thank you so much! :star_struck:

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