Polygon calculator project

Hi all,

I am a bit stuck on how to fix my code. This is my first project so I do not have a lot of experience.
I keep getting the error message on the RHS, if anyone could provide guidance, that would be much appreciated!

Welcome to the forums @Wiktoria_k. Please just post code and errors as text in code blocks or just this link to your project.

You classes are both missing __str__() methods. Your big picture error message isn’t the correct message, your Square().set_side() method does not actually set the side, and your Square() class set_width() and set_height() methods are not implemented correctly (because they’re just implemented for rectangles and not squares).

Good luck.

Hello, @jeremy.a.gray ! Thank you for the warm welcome.

I have messed around with the code a bit more and seemed to fix some of the issues. However, I cannot get the code the print the picture properly! It just returns random symbols. I will paste my code below, and below that I will paste the outcome that I get.

Thank you for your help.


class Rectangle:
def init(self, width, height):
self.width = width
self.height = height

def __str__(self):
    return f'Rectangle(width={self.width}, height={self.height})'

def set_width(self, width):
    self.width = width

def set_height(self, height):
    self.height = height

def get_picture(self):
    if (self.width > 50 or self.height > 50):
        return "Too big for picture."
    picture = (("*" * self.width) + "\n") * self.height
    return picture

def get_area(self):
    return self.height * self.width

def get_perimeter(self):
    return self.height * 2 + self.width * 2

def get_diagonal(self):
    return ((self.height ** 2 + self.width ** 2) ** .5)

def get_amount_inside(self, shape):
    return int(self.get_area() / shape.get_area())

class Square(Rectangle):
def init(self, side):
self.width = side
self.height = side

def __str__(self):
    return f'Square(side={self.width})'

def set_side(self, side):
    self.width = side
    self.height = side


 python main.py
Rectangle(width=3, height=10)

Ran 15 tests in 0.001s

Your output suggests you are passing all tests without issue.
What exactly is your problem?

For this project I am expected to get an outcome which shows a rectangle shape formed with ‘*’ , however for the output I am receiving just a straight line of multiple ‘.’ and ‘-’.

Dunno what output you are talking about…
In case you mean the final line in the output: those are your testresults. A dot means you passed a test. Only dots means you passed all tests.

If you want to see a rectangle, you need to print it somewhere. The built-in tests only check if your rectangle is designed correctly, but they don’t print it out, hence nothing to see.

Okay, thank you for your replies!

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