Pomodoro assignment: clarification

Hello all ^^
I opened this topic to ask a clarification about the ‘Pomodoro’ challenge: according to the user story

I can start a 25 minute pomodoro, and the timer will go off once 25 minutes has elapsed

Now, in the pen example the timer will keep works as in an infinite loop ( i checked the end of time and the break moment, i guess after the break it will restart the timer)…due to my poor english i’m not sure on what to do: once the time ended the timer should stop and die ( figuratively) or keep going through the break and restart and again and again?

Thanks in advance!


There are more than one way to do it.

Basically, the session timer is supposed to stop after the 25 minutes have elapsed, then the break timer starts after that, and after it’s done, the countdown timer is supposed to stop completely.

Now that doesn’t say that you can’t add a feature that makes the timer restart after it’s done, but it’s not required here.

Uhm…ok, i’ll give it my interpretation^^

Thanks for clarifications :smiley:

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