Pomodoro Clock Example Question

Hi All,

I have a question related to the example pomodoro clock provided in the project assignment.

You can change the session and break length when the clock is paused during a session, and changing the session length resets the session. This makes sense to me. However, when you’re in a break, if you pause the break, you can only change the break length, and you cannot change the session length.

Is this an expected functionality of a pomodoro clock, or an oversight in the development of the example? I’m starting the assignment now and want to know if it would be appropriate to include the ability to change the session length when the break is paused.

Here is a link to the example for reference:


I think, should your finished project meet all of the demands of the assignment, then you did all you needed to.

However, if you see a place for improvement, go for it; that’ll make it yours.

Thanks, yeah, I imagine this question will go unanswered and your suggestion is the path I’ll end up taking. Although I’m still curious if the aspect of the example I asked about is an expected feature of a pomodoro clock or not.

This is what I ended up with. Care to review?