Pomodoro Clock test not passing


I have almost implemented the Pomodoro Clock project with all tests passing except one giving following error message.

time-left is not formatted correctly: expected ‘59’ to equal ‘60’

I am unable to follow what is the causing the issue.

Here is the link to my project: Pomodoro

Any feedback is appreciated!


I didn’t test the issue you mention, but it may be related to the fact that when you decrease the session length, the clock is 1 minute greater than the value of the session length:

Try fixing that and see if it helps :slight_smile:.

PD: To test what I mentioned, reload the page and decrease the session length until it’s 1 or 2.

Hey thanks,

I fixed that issue, and made the code bit modular. I am now failing only 3 tests.

I am not understanding what is wrong. I have functionally tested the app and it seems fine. Can anyone have a look why it is failing tests?

Weird, it passed all tests for me :stuck_out_tongue::

Maybe you fixed them before I answered though :grin:, in which case, congratulations :clap:!

Yes, I fixed it around couple of hours back, thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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