Pomodoro Music Timer, plays internet radio music. any feedback appriciated :) thanks

Hi I just finished, Pomodoro Music Timer, http://codepen.io/MarkoStefanovic/full/ZBJKzV/ it plays internet radio you can choose from 6 stations. Still got to clean the code finished like 10 minutes ago. :slight_smile:
if you like to test it in shorter time in JS enter

var workTime = 25; // change to 2
var breakTime = 5; // change to 1

There were many challenges to make the code for this project, first JS timeout isn`t really precise time function but with Date it can run good together. And playing alarm on mobile browsers, because it will not play if user did not clicked to play, but there is workaround :slight_smile:
Tested on windows browsers(Firefox, Chrome, Opera) and android mobile(Firefox, Chrome, Opera) and works great, windows IE- not working, android default browser not working great. It took 6 days to build this project. Any feedback appriciated :slight_smile: this was monster project.

Thank you, I was searching exactly for this! :slight_smile:

I really like it. Nice color pallet and functionality. I would only change this:

    color: $sunset-orange;
    border-color: $sunset-orange;

in both .timer and .break to something like:

  span i:hover,span i:focus{
    color: $sunset-orange;
    border-color: $sunset-orange;

in order to have the hover effect only on increase/decrease icons.

Good job. :+1: