Pomodro clock help

Hello campers ,it seems like every user story is true , but I couldn’t pass the test provided by FCC I don’t know why ? maybe the test is not accurate or I miss something !!
Also I have a question isn’t a problem that I have depended on setState to create my timer
I didn’t find other wayout rather than using setTiemout and rerender the DOM whenever new state gets change.
here is it
the test result is not accurate can I pass it and claim the certification , this the last front end project I still have to pass and I am so excited to get front end certification
please give me some hints or anything you can about this issue.

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Strange, I think it’s a bug with this test runner.

expected ‘5’ to equal ‘1’

I think that should be “expected ‘5’ to equal ‘4’”, and I see things like this all over the test runs.

sometimes it passes 22/29 sometimes 14/29 I don’t know if I should claim the certification or not .
and if you click play again after clicking on run test the coundown goes crazy .

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you could try get certification, I think it’s just this automated test runner
The certificate will come if it is approved by a real human, not by the computer

Thank you , I’ll try

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