Portfolio challange codepen grid problem

Hi guys,

Im stuck on the portfolio challenge. I could not get the codepen platform to the grid that I want. It seemed correct to me, then I copy pasted it in w3schools platform and it did what it was supposed to do :) ive also copy pasted other projects from codepen to my project and I could see the same problem (no grid layout). so my question is, have you encountered similar problems with codepen editor? If yes, how did you solved? Thanks

p.s. I can finish my challenge on the w3school platform and continue but I guess I will have the same problem with the next challenge so I prefer to figure it out now.

Thanks for your help

Did you add bootstrap under quick-adds for css?If you havent added then the classes row,col-- wont have any definitions at all .

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thanks for your answer @sonimadhuri! I did when I was configuring my codepend, I remember it was described to do so in the intoduction video. However, It seems it`s not automatic for all project :slight_smile:

long story short, you have saved my ass :slight_smile: many thanks

happy coding :slight_smile:

best of luck for your future projects:slight_smile: