Portfolio help for a newbie

Hello fellow campers! I am currently working on the portfolio portion of my coding journey and I am pretty much stuck :confused: I am totally new to this stuff and I have never built a website before and have nothing to add to my portfolio. I am also having trouble adding bootstrap to my codepen, when I am on there it asks me if I want to add bootstrap 3 or 4? Does anyone know which one we’re supposed to choose? I am also having a lot of trouble building sites to add to my portfolio and was wondering if it would be a good idea to just continue with my freecode journey and kind of just keep adding to my portfolio sites as I learn more stuff, like javascript.
I’m was super excited to reach this point but now I’m just really overwhelmed and don’t know what’s the next step to take. Any advice is more than welcome! Thank you for taking your time to read this!

You can use either. Version 4 is newer, so start with it if you want to learn the latest and greatest version. Version 3 is used in many websites today, so you could start with it and then read about the differences between the 2 versions at a later date to better understand version 4.

I would definitely recommend moving forward. You can always add some of the later projects you will be doing to your portfolio. Think of your portfolio as a living document which you will always be changing to reflect your best projects.

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Okay. Thank you so so much for your input I really appreciate it! I will definitely move forward then and try my best with bootstrap 4 since it is newer. Thanks again!!!