Portfolio page - Almost finished, i'll appreciate any kind of feedback

Here’s my Portfolio Page. Its not finished yet but i’m almost there.

First of all, what do you think of it?
1)How does it look like color-wise and the shape of it?
2) Responsive enough?
3) What can i change to IMPROVE it’s style, i want it to be more ‘easy-in-the-eye’.
4) Why does the “linked-in” media button gets below the others?

I know my code is messy , how can i improve the way i code to make it look more clean to other programmers?

So far so good.

When resized, the nav-bar does not work.
See i you can guess what is wrong…

I think the hardest part is the layout one wants.
Once that is done, the rest will be easy.
You have the layout.
When it is fully completed, post it again for more technical reviews.