Portfolio Page finally done - Comments please?

Hey Campers: Please take a look at my pen and I’d love your comments for betterment. Had to give up on making the headline text shrink for small views, as that looks like it’s beyond my skill at this point. Thanks so much for anything you have to say and I’ll admire you forever.



Great effort Chuck … Everything looks great …
regarding the heading , use media queries for targetting small screen and changing the font size … a quick google search of media queries will surely help you…

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It looks great at desktop size, but as you already know, the title doesn’t shrink with the viewport. Also, the portrait at the top overlaps the “home” link when you shrink down to smaller sizes, making it hard to see. and you might consider using a bootstrap navbar fixed to the top so that you can have the navigation available wherever you are in the page.

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Thanks so much, Himan. I saw a lot about that, so thanks for confirming its
the way to go. Sorry for the delayed thanks, as I first sent this the wrong way.

Chad – thanks for your comment. Yes, I also need to get the nav-collapsible thing on, and also find a way for it to disregard the negative-margin (on my round photo) when it shrinks.