Portfolio page not MacBook-proof

Hello everyone,

I need some help with my portfolio-page. It’s responsive design works perfectly fine on all devices, but when my friend opens it on his macbook, the images on my ‘travel’ page don’t line up next to each other…
Can anyone find the problem?:slight_smile:

the link to the codepen:


thankyou in advance!

What browser is your friend using on Macbook?

Hey there!
He uses Safari

Anyone willing to help me? I’m really stuck on this and I would love to be able to fix it!

seems like if when i removed the reference to bootstrap 4, things are lined up correctly…
maybe that’s what caused the trouble?

hi! thanks for willing to help me.
if i remove bootstrap 4,
the photos still do not line up next to each other when I push the website and I also lose my navbar buttons, so it doesnt seem like the best solution unfortunately.