Portfolio page: Please, please, please. I need your criticisms and judgement. Thank you

See the Pen Portfolio challenge for FreeCodeCamp by kelechi okwuriki (@kellzguy) on CodePen.

This is definitely one of the better portfolios I’ve seen created. I’m only a beginner programmer so i can’t really point out any specifics that are wrong with your code. You’ve seem to completed all of the user stories and at this rate if you keep up the good work you could get a developer job in no time!

I like it. I think if you are centering the skills then the headers (Languages, Frameworks) need to be centered along with the content underneath.

Great work, looking good. I have a couple of tips:

  • I noticed you have a couple of in-line styles defined. It’s ‘arguable’ but it’s generally considered more elegant to put your styles in a css sheet for maintainability.
  • As my own personal preference I think the image of yourself would look nicer with a white rounded border and maybe some hover effect :slight_smile:
  • I think maybe a slight padding between your projects and their captions will look a bit better

Really good otherwise. Hope my feedback is alright and feel free to dispute since it may be biased :slight_smile:


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