Portfolio Page Project. Need Your FEEDBACK

Hi, Campers!

A week ago, I posted here my first project connected with FCC. Now, one week later, I’m pleased to share with you my second project - Portfolio Page. First I was inspired with @vicbergquist’s portfolio project. And I decided to make something similar but at the same time different to it. So, thank you @vicbergquist for inspiration!

Your criticism and feedback are welcome!


Well done :+1:

Really like the design and the effect of the static background and the fading in and out of the other elements.

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Really like the design! It’s a completely different approach compared to the example portfolio and one that was very well done too. As Kadargo81 mentioned above, I think the fading transition effect works very nicely with the static background, and the design seems to be fully responsive. Overall, I really like the approach you took and the design isn’t overly complicated. Keep up the amazing work! Can’t wait to check out your next project :slight_smile:

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Great thanks both of you @Kadargo81 and @KWLN!

I like the design a lot :slight_smile: looks simple and easy to follow. Great job!

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Hi! Great thanks! Have you already finished some project that I can look at?

I only have Tribute Page so far: https://codepen.io/JustinaMinko/pen/owZWgr
Now working on Portfolio Page.

Looks good, but if you want to make your page look much better you will need to repair your carousel and make your img in carousel responsive.