Portfolio Project Link Trouble

I have a question.

In my portfolio project, I am trying to include links within the page so I can click on my header and it will take me there.

My header is currently fixed to the top, and whenever I click on the header to take me to another section of my page, the top of the new section is underneath my header.

How can I display to the new section I am navigating to below my fixed header?

Here is my CodePen,


This can be a bit tricky as you wont necessarily be able to move the page if all of the content is already visible. As in, the section you’re trying to link to is at the bottom of the page, the browser won’t scroll below the bottom of the page just to place the content you’re linking to directly under the fixed nav bar. Usually links within the page are directed to id’s on the page. <a href='#about'>About</a> Should have the desired effect as long as your <section id="about"></section> (or div or whatever) exists.


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