Portfolio page links

Hi guys

I need a bit of a steer…am having issues with the links in my personal portfolio page -

This is very much work in progress and my current issue are the links at the top left of the page. The links are responding to the correct part of the page but do not line up to where I want them on the page - Ideally each part when clicked would move the section (About Me, Projects and Contacts including the titles) to just below the fixed menu bar.

As you can see they either move behind the menu bar or just a little way up the page.

I have used only CSS and HTML. I have created my own grid ( to learn how!) so no Bootstrap either.

Any ideas would be most gratefully received.


Hey thanks will give it a try…though haven’t really gone into to realms of JS, wanted to nail down CSS HTML first…anyway guess my hand is forced now …cool cheers

Thanks mate absolutely perfect solution!
Will go into the whys and wherefores later :slight_smile:

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