Portfolio project - Project feedback

Greetings coders, kindly look into my portfolio and give any feedback.

  • Hi I'M Rotshi in your about section should have a lowercase “m”
  • Your nav bar disappears when you reach your portfolio section. Is this intentional?
  • I’d rename your section or rename your nav bar link, they don’t match as it stands and it’s not fluid. Work | Portfolio
  • When you hover over a project the tooltip that comes up says “add description”
  • In your contact section, the icons are not centered in their circle
  • I’d personally get rid of the underline when you hover over a link in your nav bar
  • When the screen shrinks, the top isn’t centered:
  • There are numerous unused span tags. Don’t use span’s for spacing
  • Remember you shouldn’t use an id multiple times throughout your html document. You used profile-link more than once. Turn it into a class if you need to use it multiple times.
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@RadDevDad Thanks a lot for your help let fix this right away.

I think the text

Hi I’m Rotshi
is supposed to be in a <h1></h1> tag and not <h3></h3> tag

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  • “LET’S TALK” font size isn’t responsive on mobile
  • You can use flexbox to horizontally and vertically align the icons beneath ** LET’S TALK** heading.
  • The images under PORTIFOLIO can all of equal sizes is possible.
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@godsoncjnr Thanks let fix them.