Portfolio project question

Question for the portfolio, we will be penalised for plagiarism, but what if the code is copy right free? i want to create a portfolio of my liking but do i have to later go back and make a plain version should so i can past the test to get the certificate?

I think you can reference to the makers of the original code. It also depends if you copy-paste everything from someone else (without referencing), or just one element (with referencing). Plagiarism is when you take code from someone else without attributing honor to their work and just like in academics: that is not very good to do.

thanks, i mean i can do it legally but course wise, do they require everything to be one from scratch?

Three things:

  • The purpose of freecodecamp is to teach you to code.
  • The purpose of your portfolio is to show that you in actuality can code on your own.
  • no one will know or look into whether you copypasta code and use it as your own.

But what happens when you get called for an interview and they ask you to walk them through your code? What if they ask you to live code a similar example?

No one will hire you without some sort of examination. So if you can’t code your projects from scratch, you’ll struggle to find work.

It’s cheating, but you’re only cheating yourself.

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I will always cheat this way. just by reading docs.

Its free cheating :smile:

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