Portfolio project review and errors

This is my first web app I’ve developed using multiple APIs and I am almost done! There are many more functionalities I would like to implement once I have a better grasp of the server-side but for now I’ve used most of my current web-dev knowledge for this project and just wanted to get some feedback regarding the design and UI/UX.

Also, there are a few errors that I can’t figure out in the console:

  1. Not sure why my app is making a GET request to /null but I believe the error is coming from my initial Search-request
  2. I am using the same Places library but 2 different callback functions but not sure why this would cause issues
  3. Is the Cross-Origin Read Blocking message an “error” I need to handle? From what I’ve read on it I can safely ignore it.

Github: https://github.com/iamcharliekim/perfect-date-app
Live Demo: https://iamcharliekim.github.io/perfect-date-app/

Thanks in advance!