Any feedback welcome for my NIghtlife Coordination App

Hey everyone,

Here’s my nightlife coordination app. It took me about 70 hours over 10 days (first app I built with both React and Node together, so a few stops and starts). Any feedback is welcome. Thanks!

Glitch link:

It looks nice. I like how you added the stars for reviews.

I think they changed the Yelp API since I finished my Nightlife Coordination App last fall and now because I checked my project the other day and the Yelp search wouldn’t work anymore. :sob:

Well done, it’s a big step to go from front-end to a full-stack app!

One thing I did notice is that the date reads August 12th when it’s August 11th today. That may be intentional, but it’s confusing from a user stand-point in my opinion.

Thanks for the feedback! I think it’s a timezone thing, I think I gotta get the date on the client side instead of server side. Thanks!