Nightlife Coordination app, please review :)

Here is my Nightlife Coord app:

I think I have found all the little bugs and fixed them, but please let me know if you spot others.

I switched the Passwordless Auth over to SparkPost for delivery this time (instead of using Outlook and EmailJS), but I think the deliverability is not quite as good. Let me know if you try to login but don’t receive your email token.

The code can be found here:

(The code is a little messy, since I didn’t modularise this one as much as previous ones - so the routes file is doing a little more heavy lifting than usual.)

Nice work! I got my emailed token just fine and haven’t noticed any bugs so far. It wasn’t obvious to me what I was supposed to click on to indicate that I was going, especially as I had tried clicking on the button before I logged in and saw no feedback. It would be nice to have the button flash or something when I click on it, and maybe have a Yelp link for each of the venues (if that’s something the API provides).

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I really dig the functionality and lean design. I do agree with @PortableStick in regards to the UX, though. It was not immediately clear to me how to proceed once you get the search results.

Thanks for the feedback - I actually meant to implement the venue link, but it just fell off my to do list! I’ll try and make the button more intuitive.

I thought the user stories that needed to be implemented were about bars aka nightlife