Night Life Coordination App

Here is my nightlife coordination app: OpenBar.

The github repo is here.

I would love feedback on:
-Code Quality

and really anything else that you think might be helpful for improving this project, as well as the next one! Thanks in advance!

I really like the layout, but the images could be of better quality.

@twmilli I think there is a better image size available from the Yelp api. The resolution you are using looks bad. I can get some more options for you if you like?

Looking at your code, we think you have done an excellent job. Well done :blush:

Thanks for the feedback. When I get a chance maybe I’ll revisit this and try to get some better images from yelp

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Here is mine:


code source

For this project, i use meteor with reactjs and materializecss and google api to show the maps.

Glad to here your feedback.


@khacquyetdang1 It would be better to set up your own post on this.

Thanks, i will do it.

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