Portfolio project - scrolling problem

I started my Portfolio Project (https://codepen.io/Strzesia/pen/mmdaBL) some time ago, did a shitload of research, finally made fixed header and (almost) the whole site look nice. And everything was okay until a few days ago I started to mess with buttons, cause they were messy and text was outside of buttons and stuff. So finally i used btn-group, changed a few other things… and, completely out of the blue, my scrollbar disappeared. I started commenting out some of CSS header code - when I comment out “position:fixed” the scrollbar comes back. But I want the header to be fixed and I’m completely stuck and don’t know what to do next. So I could really use some help.

I havnt completely gone though your html but right off saw a few things you may want to look at…

You have your entire site contents wrapped in the header div, and since you have it to position: fixed, there is no scrolling since all your site contents, which is in the header div, is now fixed.

The body tag under the header tag…the body tag is supposed to be at the top, just below the html tag and surrounds the entire body of your content. As a matter of fact, in codepen, it is already inherently coded in, so you dont need to include the html, body or head tags, simply start with your site content.

I didnt go futher than that, but those are two biggies that I saw within the first couple lines of your html that will def give you issues. Maybe do some reading up on page structure and how the divs work to help organize your content.

Big thanks. I must have deleted this header closing div by accident.
I wrote as I remembered from school IT lessons - head at the top, then body. Mostly because of this fixed header, so it was more visibly detached from the rest of the site. But I guess some reading might be a good idea - after a minute I’ve finally realised what the header tag is really about :confused: Thanks again!

No problem!!! Glad I was able to help! Really kinda just sounded like you needed a little tap in the right direction hehe! You’ve got this!