Portfolio question - footer issue

I’m working on my Portfolio page from the front-end cert and I had a question:

I am using the bootstrap’s sticky-footer on the bottom of the page, but it ends up not expanding at a full width (shows up with somewhat of an indent on the left side). Below is my codepen. (looks crappy since it’s a working version)

Any help is appreciated!

Open your developer tools (usually F12, except for browsers on osx) and click on the inspect element button (often in the top-left). Then click over the area left of the footer. I did exactly that and saw that the strange space was part of the body element. Looking at the css rules for that element (which are usually displayed in a sidebar), It was obvious that the 70px padding must have been the culprit.
Inspector Lestrade could not fathom how I was able to deduce this in such a small amount of time. My dear Watson, this is a fine example of the importance of knowing your tools. :smiley:
(Sorry, I had to.)