Portfolio Responsive design

Hi Guys and Gals,

I have a link below to my portfolio site that I’m currently working on making mobile-first/responsive. I can’t figure out which div/component is making the page larger than the VW on smaller devices(iPhone 5/6), and therefore has an annoying scroll bar. I also have a link to the github repo for the project. Looking at


in the Repo.

Any help would be appreciated!

Github Repo

Hi @keating916,

I didn’t dig too deep, but it looks like you have the min-width of an inner container “topDiv” set to the viewport width, so that section is the width of the screen and some margin or padding on another element causes it to be wider than the viewport. I think removing that would fix the issue and I didn’t see where it impacted the layout negatively on other screens. Hope that helps.

-4trio19 :pineapple:


Dang I thought I pushed that fix last night, but I guess I only did it in my Dev Env. It didn’t look like it worked there, but I’ll have to push to prod here in a little bit.

I really appreciate you looking though!