Portfolio - review and help

this is my portfolio page:

I have some experience with programming but the design part is what I don’t like about client side :slight_smile: so don’t expect some marvelous please.

I know i need to add some icons, and maybe rewrite my details, I mostly built the structure.

My main problem is that when clicking (for example) the portfolio link, you can already see the background of the contact page. do you have any idea why isn’t it showing only the portfolio page?

So, what do you think? I appreciate everything you have to say :slight_smile:


using height: 100% is dangerous (if the content height is greater than viewport height some elements will overflow into the next section). Use min-height instead.

which value should i use? min-height:100%?

min-height:100% or if you don’t care about old browsers min-height:100vh