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Hi folks,

Can some of you take a look at my portfolio page and give feedback on it?
I’m gonna be the first to say that the color scheme don’t look very good, form doesn’t work and I could do better with my icons. I actually decided to leave it like that for now and move on with the course so I get to learn more about Javascript and algorithms while I learn about colors and design on the side since this isn’t really my main concern (although I want to learn about graphic design as much as can).
The idea is to come back later on the course and make it better with modal windows and some more effects that I really don’t know how to do right now.

Anyhow, any advise would be really welcomed!
Evandro Filgueiras - Portfolio Page

Thank you,
Evandro Filgueiras

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Looks good :smiley: Although I would probably advise to not use 100vh on your services and contact section, as on bigger screens there is way too much of blank space.

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Hey michal,

Thank you for this valuable insight! I haven’t really thought about it…
Should I use any height at all? or should I just delete that line on my css and leave it as default?

Well, I would do it by setting the height to auto (or 100%?) and add some padding around it. Content within that div will take up as much height as required and will scale nicely on all screen sizes.

However, I would leave it out for now, because as you said you are still going through different projects. Once you get your certificate you would probably want to do some adjustments (although you will probably start from scratch as most people do).

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Great work, it stands out.

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Thank you very much Katia!

Yes I’ve put it 100%…
I’ll definitely start it from scratch in a near future! But both projects right now has taught me a great deal… It feels like I’m on the right community on my path going pro.

Thank you michal.

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