Personal Portfolio Webpage. Feedback please

Hey there!

Here’s my Personal Portfolio Webpage:

I am not a good designer so didn’t want to set different bright colors to not mess up with overall look and probably made it too dark, so please have a look and let me know what should i fix or make look better.

Also I have a question:

According to User Story #10: The height of the welcome section should be equal to the height of the viewport. But when i set it to 100vh it doesn’t work good on my mobile device. Does anyone know why is that?

Maybe try starting to learn about clean code. this is so hard to read

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Thanks a lot for your feedback. I’ll work on that.

I think it looks very impressive for a beginner portfolio page! Keep up the good work, it seems like you have a nice eye for design.

The only thing I’m not sold on is how the menu is a bit big when the screen is narrow. With using JavaScript you could fix that easily enough, but if you don’t know JavaScript yet, you may want to consider using something like Bootstrap’s collapsible Nav Menu to keep it smaller.

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Thanks a lot!

I don’t know JavaScript yet, but will try to fix that

I think you should consider not linking your personal profile pages (Fb, Twitter, etc) to your portfolio. Just put your email account and GitHub so people can contact you.
It’s a nice job. Congrats.

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