Build a Personal Portfolio Webpage-need your comments

my last project before starting to learn javascript

I am not even done with this project, So AWESOME! For finishing.Seems you failed one of the user stories. And you might want to have your links open to new web pages. set your target to blank in the reference tags
<.a href="…" target=_blank><./a> No dots though.

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Basic HTML, links go inside li s. From a usability standpoint never put the projects to such a small scrolling section if you want people to see your work. There should be a section with a large representation of your work or a link to the project itself.

BTW I noticed that all your projects have HTML errors in them. If your goal is employment you need to pay attention to which elements wrap other elements.

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thank you alot for showing me my mistakes. imma read and practice more so that im not gonna do this childish mistakes.thanks again :heart:

I’m a beginner here and haven’t accomplished my portfolio page yet, but i can give you some suggestions to improve your project:

  1. The test shows 11 out of 12. That’s probably cause User Story #10 says: The height of the welcome section should be equal to the height of the viewport. If i’m not mistaken you page doesn’t have that. So you can try to change that.
  2. Also i would suggest to make the font size of your text smaller for mobile devices in order to make your page more responsive.

Good luck!

thanks for the comment but im pretty sure it was 12/12 when i ran the test.ill check it now tnx