Portfolio review :) Taking any advice/feedback with love

Hi everyone,

I would love a little insight from you regarding my portfolio : www.deborahfrija.com
My resume is also available to download at the end of the page and would love a feedback on it as well.

A little about myself : I did a coding bootcamp about 8 months ago and still feel that I’m far from being ready to enter the coding world. So I’m still practicing everyday and renewing my knowledge by following online courses like FCC.

Thanks a bunch in advance !


i’m just a beginner , it looks really nice and clean to me
just the text color in “About section” makes it hard to read.

Looks great! I’d say that you’re already in the coding world. I’m going through the free code camp now and my tribute page is all I’ve been able to accomplish and it’s not great “https://codepen.io/Nate_12/pen/xpYNEp”… We’ll keep trying… NIce portfolio!